Frequenly Asked Questions

We recommend taking Kannacalm or Kannaconnect on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.

Kannaconnect is a stronger formula than Kannacalm. Nevertheless, we recommend starting with one capsule of either one of the two formulas and see how it feels. Some people only need to take one capsule at a time while others need two. We do not recommend taking more than six capsules per day of either Kannaconnect or Kannacalm formulas.

Yes both formulas could be combined. Everyone is different so we cannot be more specific about the best way to combine them.

Both formulas contain a kanna extract, but Kannacalm extract has been formulated with the intention to create a calm feeling. The kanna extract used for Kannaconnect has also a calming effect, but it also provides assistance to focusing, and an energizing feeling. Kannaconnect is also a stronger formula than Kannacalm.

Because of its calming properties Kannacalm could assist to sleep at night when taken in the evening. We recommend taking Kannaconnect during the day.

We do not recommend taking any of our kanna supplements in combination with any prescription drugs. Please ask your doctor.

We do not recommend it since it may alter the effects of our supplements.

Hundreds of years ago kanna was taken by the bushmen in South Africa just before they were getting ready to go hunting. The kanna plant would help them to stay calm and focused before the hunting would begin, but also it would stop their hunger and thirst. So for these reasons, our kanna formulas could assist to loose weight.

Our supplements are made with sceletium extracts that contain active alkaloids of the kanna plant in very specific percentages, so our formulas could provide the desired effects that they were intended for. Most other kanna formulas in the market contain just the raw kanna plant which would require much larger quantities than our extracts to offer any similar effects.. Very few other companies work with extracts, but they could not be compared to ours.